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Would you like to change areas or have a different professional experience? Throughout our careers, we are faced with different life situations and challenges that sometimes influence our work. Personal experiences influence professionals, so we are available to support you in a professional change, respecting your personal needs. TRIDEC always tries to find a suitable solution for its employees.

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March - The Month of Women


I'm Emanuela, I'm 27 years old and I have a degree in Industrial Engineering and Management.

I started my career at TRIDEC in January 2021 as an intern in the Engineering Department, three years have passed and during this journey I have been given opportunities of progression and get involved in important projects within the organization, an example of which was recently taking over the coordination of the company's Lean and Continuous Improvement projects, as a Lean coordinator.


My career in the company, as well as that of other women colleagues, shows that to talk about TRIDEC is to talk about a company in which equal opportunities are present regardless of the fact that we are women. This security that we are given the same conditions of progression is an important factor for us to feel comfortable and fulfilled in the work environment and I, as a still young employee, see the example of colleagues who are heads of department, and this makes me aspire to be able to be like them one day.


The fact that TRIDEC is a company with a majority of male employees, was not a factor that demotivated me in any way, I never felt that any colleague questioned my knowledge, ideas or advice, quite the opposite. I think it is important to mention this feeling that colleagues look at us as equals, because Women's Day is not only a celebration of women who fight for women's equality, but also of men who do it!


My name is Márcia Santos and I started working at TRIDEC about three years ago.

As the first woman to join the company's production team, I have always felt comfortable, and I feel like I have contributed to a vibrant and inclusive work environment throughout this time. From the first day I was welcomed with respect by everyone, and the fact that all my direct superiors are men does not cancel me when I have opinions to give or something to say about my duties, which has allowed me to grow in a way, both personally and professionally.


What I like most about the company is the fact that I feel that in a way everyone collaborates and there is team spirit to achieve common goals.My male colleagues are always ready to help me.

It's a company and a work environment where there's mainly respect and a sense of humor, which are two characteristics I identify with.


All in all, it has been a positive experience and I am proud to be part of this team.




I can still remember it as if it were yesterday, my job interview and the reason why I was hired at TRIDEC. I speak German and I don't mince my words.


Before joining TRIDEC, I worked in the same sector for 11 years in the production department. It was a real men's world. So, I was already prepared for the male culture when I started at TRIDEC. 


After almost 17 years at TRIDEC, I can say that I can handle it, not that it's necessary because they're all equally kind to me. I still come to work with pleasure every day and feel appreciated!


Being able to contribute to my colleagues (even if it's just something small) makes my work valuable. In the meantime, I have held multiple positions, all with great pleasure, and whether this financial role is my final destination will be revealed in the future. 


Hello all,

I am Maria, I am 26 years old, and I have been working at TRIDEC for the past 2 years.

I first started as a Purchase Assistant in Portugal, and recently I have accepted the challenge of Product Management for TRIDEC products in the Netherlands.

Celebrating International Woman’s Day by calling our mother, female friends or colleagues just because they were born female, doesn’t seem to fit in the real purpose of the day. International Woman’s Day should raise awareness on what has being done on behalf of woman’s rights.

Being a woman in this industry, can be very challenging. I believe we need to work twice as hard to be perceived as competent, especially if we do not have the technical background to support our role.

Luckily, what I found at TRIDEC, both in Portugal but also in the Netherlands, despite cultural differences and habits, was a space where any woman can learn and grow.

Male colleagues support our ideas and give us room for self-improvement. After two years of hard work, I can’t say that I ever felt excluded or that I didn’t have a saying merely because of gender. In fact, our opinion is often taken, and we are rewarded for it. We are present in every part of the process, and often in leadership roles.

TRIDEC stands for gender equality, one of the many values I appreciate in the company.




My name is Sandra Navega and I joined TRIDEC in July 2022.

I work in logistics, more specifically in spares parts.

After coming from a company where I only worked with women, coming to work only with men was something new for me.

I don't think it was easy for the men either to see a woman doing the same job as them, and driving forklift trucks, I can still remember the looks of admiration on their faces.

Increasingly, women are versatile and multifaceted, just like men. Mentalities have evolved, and that's a good thing, there are no longer jobs just for women or just for men, a woman can drive a forklift and a man can do cleaning, and everyone deserves the same respect and admiration.

I've never felt inferior or belittled by the fact that I only work with men, I'm very easy to define my limits, clarify my feelings and defend my place both at work and in society if I feel it's necessary.

I'm very proud to be part of this company, I really enjoy what I do and that's an asset if I want to be successful and receive the rewards of that success in the future.

May women always be remembered and respected during the 12 months of the year and throughout their lives, after all we are all children of one.

My name is Roos Yildiz, and I've been a Sales Officer at TRIDEC since October 3, 2023.

After 18 years in the elevator industry, stepping out of my comfort zone felt a bit scary.

But thanks to the support of my colleagues, I'm happy I took this step.

TRIDEC is mostly a male-dominated environment with many technical challenges. Every day, I learn something new and constantly improve my work.

As a woman, I bring value to TRIDEC, where you can be yourself and contribute your professional ethics to provide the best service to our customers.

Being a woman adds color and harmony to your company. I'm proud to be part of this beautiful company where we are always heard.

This is my motivation to come to the office every day with a smile.


Thanks to all of you,

Roos Yildiz




My name is Regina Pinto, i started at TRIDEC in 2003, when the company was setting up in Portugal, as head of accounting.


Since then I've grown with the company and extended my responsibilities to HR and Controlling. In 2017, I became Finance Director and HR Director, extending my responsibilities to both TRIDEC units.


The fact that this industry is mostly a man's world has never been an obstacle in the development of my function. Recognition has always been linked to merit and never influenced by gender. Over the years I've been very pleased to see that the number of women has grown steadily and the work environment is increasingly diverse and inclusive.

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